What to expect in your initiaL CONSULTATION imageWhat to expect in your initiaL CONSULTATION imageWhat to expect in your initiaL CONSULTATION image
Booking an appointment for the first time can be daunting, especially when experiencing acupuncture for the first time, not everyone feels at ease when it comes to needles.

Upon your first treatment you will be greeted at the entry way, then an initial consult form will be filled out. This form runs through your basic details and medical history, with the addition of any medication or supplements you are currently taking. Once you have signed consent to the treatment we can begin.

The first part of the treatment you lay facing upwards. I ask in more details your medical history and establish what you want to gain from treatment. I explain from a Chinese medicine point of view how and why your condition has come about while also explaining from a western medicine approach, the physiology behind your condition, as well as life style advice to compliment the treatment; this is part of an individualised treatment plan.

Once the first half of the treatment is done I leave the room while you expose your back and flip over onto your front, once I return to the room we begin the second half of the treatment. My aim is to treat the "root cause" of the condition. For example if you are booking in for tight neck and shoulders, limiting range of motion to the head, I will be treating the cause of why it is contracting and causing pain, rather than simply triggering off the muscle for temporary relief, otherwise known as "dry needling".

Once the treatment is over, usually 1.5 hours for initial treatment and 1 hour thereafter, we will discuss treatments moving forward. I usually recommend 3 treatment to begin with as close together as possible. This gives me the ability to see how your body responds, as everybody is different. The goal is to get you the results as quickly as possible and to then be coming in for maintenance to manage the condition in future.

If you have any questions regarding treatment, please don't hesitate to call me on the number or email provided.
I hope to see you in clinic!