About me - Chloe Roberts  image

My name is Chloe Roberts and I am the owner of Fraser Coast Acupuncture. 

In September 2020 I moved to the beautiful town of Hervey Bay! 

I am a registered Acupuncturist with a Bachelor degree in Health Science Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and I have completed post graduate studies in Japanese acupuncture, a modern and gentle approach to the traditional methods of acupuncture. 

I have dedicated many years to understanding anatomy/physiology from an Eastern and Western medical viewpoint in order to assist clients in their journey to a healthier, happier and pain free life. 

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have played an integral role in my own health journey, thus sparking my interest in this incredibly complex and effective medicine. I am passionate about preventing chronic disease through lifestyle advice and of course, acupuncture! 

In November 2020 I gave birth to my daughter. Experiencing pregnancy and birth has given me a new appreciation for the human body and an understanding of some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy; and how to treat them. I have experience in treating all stages of pregnancy, labour preparation, menstrual and fertility issues and have assisted clients on their journey through IVF. 

Before moving to Hervey Bay, I was working in Brisbane, in a busy clinic with my mentor. In this time I was exposed to acupunctures use in treating a wide variety of conditions such as, musculoskeletal pain, lower back pain, Gastrointestinal conditions, bloating, migraines and anxiety; among many others. In this time I saw incredible results, furthering my passion for this medicine. 

I believe in educating my clients so that they can make informed decisions in regards to their health and I offer lifestyle advice to compliment the individualised treatment, to ensure they are getting the intended results as quickly as possible.