04 Mar

Adrenals and fertility 🌿 ⠀

If you are about to begin trying or have been trying to conceive without luck, it would be worthwhile looking into your lifestyle. ⠀

Are you a busy person with a stressful job? Do you feel tired and therefore consume coffee to get you through your day? Do you have a tendency to over exercise?⠀

These could be contributing factors to issues with your fertility, and this goes for both male and female fertility. ⠀

The sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) is a mechanism within the body that, in short bursts is helpful in getting us out of a dangerous of stressful situation. Great mechanism, the problem is, with the modern busy lifestyle, we are getting stuck in that response for long periods of time. ⠀

Job stress, rushing around, traffic, being busy, appointments and then squeezing in strenuous exercise and drinking coffee and stimulants...and it’s no wonder the body isn’t prioritising conception. ⠀

I’m not saying quit your job and stop exercising, just collectively take a look at your lifestyle, can you slow down a bit, can you limit caffeine (which engages your fight or flight), and listen to your body when you need to rest, digest and repair... which is the other side of your nervous system, the side that is often neglected.

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